Ariana Grande explain why she canceled her Grammy Awards performance

Ariana Grande earlier announced she was no longer going to perform at
Grammy Awards event because she felt insulted by the producers. According to her, they didn’t want her to perform the song she wanted to.

But the Grammy Awards producer, Ken Ehrlich has issued a statement explaining why Ariana Grande canceled her performance for the event holding on February 10.

Ken Erhlich stated that she must have decided to cancel the performance because she felt it was too late for her to pull something different from what she had originally planned.

“She felt it was too late for her to pull something together for sure. And it’s too bad. She’s a great artist. And I’d love to get her in the show this year”, .

Ariana Grande has now reacted with a counter response to Ken Erhlich’s statement.She said, ‘I offered 3 different songs. It’s about collaboration. It’s about feeling supported. It’s about art and honesty. Not politics. Not doing favors or playing games. It’s just a game y’all. and I’m sorry but that’s not what music is to me.’

‘It was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that I decided not to attend. I hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.

i’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me. i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken.

She added, hope that helps everyone understand my decision. i am still grateful for the acknowledgement this year”.


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