Alicia Keys Drops First New Music Since 2016

Just after hosting the 61st annual Grammy Awards, Alicia Keys has stunned fans by dropping a new single.

The tune is titled “Raise a Man,” and its her first new jam since her most recent album 3 years ago, “Here.”

After being the the first lady to host a Grammy award ceremony after 14 years, Alicia wrote on her Instagram page, “Tonight was such a musical night. I decided to drop a new vibe & have some fun with y’all!!!” “You’re just not like these other men out here,”

Some of the words that can be heard in this new tune are “You just wanna hold me, and that’s OK. Can I be a woman for you, babe, in a time when it’s not allowed?” “Is it OK to love a man right now? If you understand, then show me your hands.”


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