Leo Blanco spends $30,000 on surgery to look like Michael Jackson

22-year-old Leo Blanco from Buenos Aires, Argentina spent around $30,000 (£22,900) on surgery so as to look like Pop icon, Michael Jackson has gone under the knife on more than 11 occasions and has had numerous cosmetic procedures.

Leo has had two rounds of surgery to reshape his ears and three liposuction procedures. Additionally, his nose has been reshaped four times and he’s endured two hyaluronic acid and botox applications to enhance his cheekbones.

The impersonator has even called his home Neverland – a call back to Jackson’s own theme park home.

Not everyone around Blanco feel comfortable with his obsession.

he impersonator told mirror “I spent around $30,000 (£22,900). It was not what I imagined but to reach my dream, it’s worth it.”r “I spent around $30,000 (£22,900). It was not what I imagined but to reach my dream, it’s worth it.”

His mother said she worried he would die as a result of one of his surgeries. she said, “I approve of him being a fan of Michael Jackson and impersonating him, but the plastic surgeries?

Many women, in order to look more attractive, seek out top ranking breast augmentation specialist and go about these processes investing a lot of money.

“I am worried because he talks about surgeries so calmly, as if he was going to a hairdresser, but I fear that he is going to die in one of the surgeries.”


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