Joyner Lucas begs R Kelly ‘Please don’t hurt yourself or take yourself out’

The Worcester, Massachusetts born rapper Joyner Lucas has begged R Kelly not to commit suicide,in Lifetime’s new documentary, its been a downhill road which highlighted Kelly’s sexual exploitation.

Joyner Lucas in a tweet connected with R Kelly not to hurt himself in at any rate. He wrote, ‘I realize this must be one of the hardest fixes in your life right now R Kelly. Im actually viewing the whole world denounce you and fail you. Im not saying you don’t merit it. All I’m stating is kindly don’t hurt yourself or take yourself out. Id still be dismal’.

After receiving backlash he followed up with another tweet, attempting to clarify what he meant.

“I’m reading the comments on my last post,” he said in another currently erased tweet. “People are vexed in light of the fact that I’m advising somebody to NOT kill themselves? Wtf? Lol like brother. Y’all cray. I obviously said I’m NOT saying he don’t merit what he’s getting. I’m not on his side. Be that as it may, he shouldn’t kill himself.”

John Legend was one of the two artists who came to talk on the documentary Surviving R kelly which featured the artists sexual abuse throughout the years.

Just yesterday, the third of January, Kelly had compromised that he will sue Lifetime on the off chance that it goes on air for making him look awful however the service with all due respect expressed that they will support the ladies’ cases and proceed with it.


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