Here come two cats who live alone in a Silicon Valley apartment rented for $1,500 per month

A Silicon Valley man is paying $1,500 every month to house his his daughter’s two cats in a studio apartment that have a restroom and shower just as an Apple TV, however it doesn’t have a kitchen.

The Two cats have been known as the most pampered cats after it was uncovered that they are remaining alone in a Silicon Valley studio apartment that costs $1,500 every month.

The cats have remained in the studio since July. landlord David Callisch said he feed the cats regular and Amith visits when she has break from school.

Victoria Amith says it’s a brief arrangement until the point when she gets her very own place after the school year.

David Callisch stated, the cats mind themselves, they don’t complain, and the $1,500/month rent for their apartment comes on time

It’s particular would it say it iquirky isn’t it? I never planned for this to happen. People love their pets, they’re part of their family, so I wanted to help out my buddy.

‘Hello, would you mind if I–how about if I rented your place?’.

‘Well, what do you mean?’ He says, ‘Well, you wouldn’t need to manage PEOPLE constantly on the off chance that you leased it, and I could stick the CATS there. I’m close, I could come visit.’

I stated, ‘Truly?’
Victoria Amith is a freshman at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, and she couldn’t take Louise and Tina with her to the dorms when she started school.

Her dad lives in the Bay Area, however when his fiance’s dog and the cats didn’t get along, he chose to get a place for the cats.


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