Chris Brown to sue alleged rape accuser for defamation

R&B singer, Chris Brown, 29 has vowed to sue his rape accuser for defamation, after he was arrested in Paris over the claims.

The trio were arrested on Monday and kept in custody after 24-year-old model, claimed Chris took her to his hotel in Paris and violently raped her. Chris called BS, saying he was never alone with the women. while police probe the complaint, but later released on Tuesday with investigation still ongoing.

Chris claims he was set up by the 24-year-old model in a statement on his Instagram account on Tuesday denying the accusation.

Chris insists he was playing music off his iPhone in the living room of the suite with 20 people around him the entire time.

Chris’ Parisian lawyer, Raphael Chiche, says, “Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public prosecutor of Paris.”

According to TMZ, A source in the judicial system of Paris said, the fact Brown was released with no conditions and free to leave the country is a sign authorities have problems with the case.


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