Canadian citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling

Canadian national Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, 36, who was detained in 2014 for drug smuggling in China has been sentenced to death.

Schellenberg was initially given a 15-year jail term in November at the same time, on Monday, a court said the sentence for drug smuggling was too lenient for suspicion smuggling crystal meth from China to Australia.

The Dalian court said Schellenberg, who was detained in December 2014, played a ‘key part’ in an international drug trafficking syndicate that planned to ship some 222 kilogrammes (490 pounds) of methamphetamine to Australia, covered up in plastic pellets which were disguised in elastic tires.

‘Not simply content with spreading drugs in a one country, the syndicate has spread crosswise over fringes —it is a harm to human health and also to the stability of countries,’ the court said.

‘It is of extraordinary worry to us as a us as a government, as it should be to all our international friends and allies,that China has started to subjectively apply capital punishment as for this situation,’ Justin Trudeau enlightened correspondents in Ottawa subsequent to hearing regarding the choice.

The case is likely again to test relations between Beijing and Ottawa, which has been tensed since Canada’s arrest of a Chinese executive at the request of the U.S. in December. The arrest was followed by China’s detention of two Canadian citizens on suspicion of endangering state security.

Earlier this month, Canada said that 13 of its citizens had been detained in China since Meng Wanzhou was arrested. Beijing has repeatedly denied any diplomatic pressure in the case.

Schellenberg’s attorney Zhang Dongshuo revealed to Reuters hhe was likely to appeal the sentence.


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