Since it originated of Instagram in 2010, the social media picture sharing app has over 400 million daily active users and it has become a powerful  tool which enables business owners to expand the presence of their product or service by maximizing exposure and effectively marketing  to drive sales.

In other words, Instagram allows  direct connection and interaction with  actual or prospective clients.

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We shall be talking about the best means of using Instagram on marketing and advertisement. 

Here are 10 benefits of using Instagram to market your business.

1 Customer Engagement
2 Highly Visualized Adverts
3 Knowing your Customer Base
4 Targeting Specific Audience
5 Reaching New Audience
6 Networking
7 Promoting your Business
8 Gaining a Competitive Advantage
9 Maximum Exposure to Customers
10 Generating Sales

Customer Engagement

           Businesses and followers Stand Out on Instagram  when use properly, it has one of the most engaged user base in the social media world and it can serve as the perfect social media tool that can help engage with customers, listen to reviews and feedbacks about  product or service and generally build relationships which can further promote  business.,

When customers pay for any  product or service and follow  on Instagram,  brand appears on their feed regularly and there is a higher chance that they can patronize again.

Highly Visualized Adverts

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is very photo-centric and it is a major advantage over other social media platforms as  brand is marketed using mostly photos or videos. This is highly beneficial as customers are readily attracted to especially stimulating pictures and videos.

Also, potential customers tend to remember what they see and hear that what they just simply read. Instagram delivers quick and visual messages to customers which grab their attention while marketing  business. These benefits allow for easier engagement with both active and potential customers which drive them closer to making  a deal.

Knowing your Customer Base

Another major benefit of using Instagram to market  business is that it allows business owners to learn the various likes and dislikes of customer base. entrepreneur’s are able to discern the kind of posts that attracts them and the ones that do not.

This information helps  to effectively create a marketing strategy that has a creative and stimulating content which keep customers engaged and drawn to  business. Also, knowing  customer base allows business owners to streamline content accordingly to specific customers.

Targeting Specific Audience

Instagram allows company reach out and connect with a specific set of audience that is base on marketing strategy .  streamline  marketing strategy based on age, interests, behaviour or location. This is highly beneficial as Instagram users are specifically targeted based on any of these factors.

Instagram also helps  business to identify its potential customers in the market and allows  directly communicate content which stimulates their interest. One can also create customized target lists based on  customer’s Instagram engagement, video views and so much more.

Reaching New Audiences

Instagram makes it easy to discover new trends, photos, people and businesses and this is done mostly using hashtags #walmart, #attorney ,#bail bonds ……..if you are into education you can use hastag like #degree,#tuition fees payment. With the proper use of hashtags, you can increase the visibility of your business especially to newer audiences.

Hashtags effectively summarize  content by using keywords which relate to  business thereby separating  business from the crowd. When  hashtag is included on  post about  business on Instagram, a link is created which enables actively source for potential customers.

Also, hashtags make content on Instagram more unique and the more likes and comments you get on your hashtags, the more business is  connect with  audience.  Business should also target more follower so as to boost more sales by applying this basic steps on getting your first 100,000 followers


One of the great benefits of marketing on Instagram is that it can easily be shared across all other social media platforms. You can actively share and use the content, data and information you generate on Instagram to market your product on other social media channels.

This expands your reach to customers that are active on other channels and the more your viewers identify with your brand, the greater the likelihood of them making a purchase. This makes your marketing strategy more efficient as you don’t need new content to market on a different social media platform.

Promoting your Business

Instagram is the best social media tool which can help you to effectively promote your business. With the promote feature on Instagram, you can boost your best content through paid advertisements.

Also, Instagram helps you know which of your content is getting maximum exposure as customer views, comments and likes can be used to monitor all your posts which enable you to concentrate on customer engagement and brand awareness.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Marketing your business on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can be a little bit challenging as the competition for customer engagement and interaction is high.

However, marketing your business on Instagram gives you an added advantage over your competitors as you are able to establish and reach your target audience faster and easier than other social media channels where the competition is higher. This is especially beneficial to small businesses or start-ups that lack the resources to compete with established brands.

Maximum Exposure to Customers

Unlike Facebook, the content you create to market your business show up in the feed of every single one of your followers. This is because Instagram doesn’t filter your posts which ensure that your content is seen by your followers.

Also, your posts stand a good chance of getting seen because according to research by Comscore, users spend 12 billion minutes on Instagram each month. You can create and maintain a strong business profile as marketing on Instagram guarantees awareness and customer engagement.

Generating Sales

Not only does Instagram allow you to promote your business using exciting images and videos, it also drives sales through customer engagement. Instagram allows you to add tags to your business with links that include product description, price and the how to makes purchases.

With the use of this feature, it is easier for your business to attract sales from the content you generate on Instagram. Marketing with Instagram boosts the chances of your business of getting revenue from your posts than other social media platforms.


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