Top 6 Hardest Addictions to Quit


When most people hear about addiction, what comes to mind is alcohol and drug addictions. However, there are several other types of addiction that are equally as devastating as those of alcohol and drugs. No addiction is ever appreciated and anyone who has any form of addiction will always make attempts to try and kick the habit. It should be noted that all addictions are tough and getting rid of them will always require some considerable effort and willpower. below are addictions you should do alway to enable you live a healthy life

Alcohol and drug abuse


Millions of people around the world and trapped within the claws of alcohol and drug addiction. There are so many rehabilitation centers trying to reform some of these people but for a good number of them, they are not able to see the success that they anticipated seeing. According to National institute on drug abuse—Alcohol and drug addiction bring a unique sense of satisfaction that no other thing could ever bring to the body and that’s why people find it so difficult to let go these addictions.  If you suffer from this addiction and you think about quitting, you must be prepared to put in a genuine effort, beginning with your mind and putting every necessary measure to ensure you become clean.

Gambling addiction


Gambling addiction is another form of addiction that is ravaging lives all over the world. People find a unique pleasure in gambling in the sense that it is able to bring them some money, but at the same time, they also lose a lot of money in the process. Perhaps this is one of the worst forms of addiction because so long as you think about getting more money from gambling, you will always continue to go back and forth and as such, leaving the habit becomes a real uphill task. It is suggested that gambling addiction stimulates the brain cells in a similar manner as alcohol addiction and that in is why leaving this habit is extremely difficult.  As a result, they usually struggle and need to hit rock bottom before they do well in casino site

Work Addiction

Work. Try not to tell your manager this, yet a work compulsion can be a noteworthy life-ruiner. We’re educated to be pleased with our hard working attitudes, however pulling far from work can be extremely troublesome on the off chance that you feel a steady strain to beat others. As a matter of fact beating a work enslavement can regularly mean surrendering an advancement or a salary, which is the reason numerous individuals can’t do it.

Internet Addiction


Not so many people think that the internet can be addictive to a point it becomes a major concern. However this is the truth, especially at this current times when there are dramatic distractions coming off from the internet. This addiction happens when one is not able to stay away from the internet. They will always be on their phones, mobile devices or computers doing one thing or another on the internet.

If they are not on social media sites then they are in places such as Youtube watching various kinds of videos. It becomes a concern when one is an able to concentrate on what they should because they find themselves distracted too much with the internet. This addiction is tough to break, but it is possible to completely kick the habit and don’t depend on the internet as much as you do depend on it now.

But as it stands, it’s a great concern especially to collect students and young kids who cannot seem to put off their phones or not got the internet for any given time.

Shopping Addiction


Shopping is a behavior that can easily spiral out of control to become an addiction. You know you are addicted to shopping when you can’t stop buying stuff including those that you don’t need and you won’t mind whether or not you have the money. So long as you have access to a credit card, you will always go shopping whether online or at the normal stores. Perhaps the best way to stop this addiction is for you not to have access to the fonts that you tend to spend in buying stuff the majority in which you don’t need. If you’re addicted to shopping just know that you had an increasing your chances of becoming poor in the near future. Your purchases should be well calculated and issued only by in the items you need.


Video Game Addiction


Video game addiction is not something strange and you probably know a friend or a relative who is addicted to their consoles. Someone is addicted to video games when they cannot stop playing the games. Whether it’s at night or when they should be doing homework or doing some meaningful work, you will always find them playing games. It not only hurt their productivity, but it also affects their ability to develop strong analytical brains that they can use for day to day living.  

Just like most addictions, a lot of effort is needed to overcome video game addiction. The results will always be manifested in performance at school or at work and especially the physical health of video game addicts will always be worrying. They are exposed to lifestyle conditions such as obesity heart attacks and others that come with sedentary lifestyle.

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