Nicki Minaj already talking marriage and babies with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty

Queen rapper Nicki Minajis serious about tying the knot with her new relationship with a convicted rapist Kenneth,despite the controversy hovering around her new beau.

Nicki, 36 and Kenneth Petty have already had the marriage and baby talk after only a couple months of dating though it was reported that both party have known each other since childhood.

Sources close to the “Queen” MC said, Nicki is serious about the prospect of marrying Kenneth and having his kids because she believes he’s that good a man.It comes after the rapper was forced to defend Kenneth after it emerged he has an attempted rape conviction while also spending time in prison for manslaughter.

Kevin ‘Zoo’ Petty was convicted of 1st-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995. He served between 18 and 54 months for that crime, and he is a registered sex offender in New York.

He also served time for killing a man in 2002. He pleded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson in 2002.

The complaint claims that on April 27, 2002 at 12:30 AM, Petty shot Robinson multiple times. Robinson was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Authorities originally charged Petty with 2nd-degree murder, but his attorney got the charge reduced to manslaughter in a plea deal.

Nicki feels Kenneth has changed for the better since he was young when he was convicted of first-degree attempted rape as a 16-year-old. He’s an old flame from back then, and we’re told she’s as happy as ever now that they’ve reconnected all these years later.

Nicki seems to believe Kenneth was falsely convicted, he was dating the victim at the time and claims the girl’s mother had it in for him and made false allegations.

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