Neo Nazis group demand Prince Harry’s assassination for marrying Meghan Markle

American fanatics neo-Nazi group has called for Prince Harry’s death and asserted is a “race traitor” for marrying Meghan Markle.

Presently the pregnant Duchess of Sussex needs to manage something much all the more disturbing and frightening: online messages coming from young British neo-Nazis who have called Prince Harry a “race backstabber” on the grounds that he married someone of mixed race.

The British branch of the neo-Nazi group, known as Sonnenkrieg Division, imparted a photograph of Harry to a firearm to his head highlighting a swastika and the inscription: “See ya later, race traitor!”

The UK group has 10 to 15 members; the BBC identified the UK group’s leader as Andrew Dymock, a 21-year-old university student from Bath, and its “propagandist” as a 17-year-old from London.

A representative for the North East Counter Terrorism Unit stated: “We know about the BBC coverage the ast night around Sonnenkreig Division and enquiries are ongoing..

The neo-Nazis are individuals from Atomwaffen Division, a skeptical, American-based gathering that energizes fear based oppression, advances a tragic philosophy and has required a “race war now,”

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