Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas begs daughter in an emotional appeal on TV to get in touch with him

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas was a guest on Good Morning Britain, GMB, where he sat with Piers Morgan and Sussana Reid to talk about his relationship with his daughter and make an appeal for her to repair their relationship. He also begged The Queen to intervene.

Thomas said,his royal daughter was ignoring his daily texts and letters and told of his fear he’ll never get to see her baby.

Mr Markle, 74,said,he had no contact with the Duchess of Sussex since just before her wedding to Prince Harry in May and agreed with Morgan that she had “ghosted” him.

Meghan dad never got the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. Well I’m very disappointed by it I’m not sure why its happening and I’m waiting, I’m reaching out.

I’ve been trying to reach out for her every day for weeks, every day I’ve tried to text her.

I just keep asking her to respond back to me. I have sent a letter as well.

Morgan has previously spoken on-air about how he and Meghan were friends, but she then “ghosted” him after she met Prince Harry, and the former tabloid editor suggested to Mr Markle that she was now doing the same thing to her father.

Mr Markle said he couldn’t understand why she was behaving the way she was I’ve been quiet for six months and no-one’s spoken to me, I’m confused. I love my daughter very much, she has to know that.

He called for Queen Elizabeth’s help, saying: I would appreciate anything [The Queen] could do.

Piers Morgan suggested during the interview that “ghosting” people is a trait Meghan poses but Markle Sr defended his daughter.

He said he hadn’t received a Christmas card yet from his daughter – if she didn’t send one then this would be the first year she had not done so.

He revealed he would spend Christmas with friends and helping neglected children, but said his real wish was some contact with Meghan.

“I’m confident soon something will be settled and we will talk, this can’t proceed until the end of time. People say don’t talk and they (Meghan and Harry) will talk (yet) that hasn’t occurred.

“I don’t plan to be quiet for whatever remains of my life, I cherish my little girl she needs to know, needs to get me and connect with me.”

Asked whether he was certain from seeing their child he answered he was “hopeful.

“They will produce a lovely child – I would like to see a little Meghan or little Harry. “I figure she will make an incredible mum.”

Markle had all the earmarks of being battling with his feelings when he said he trusted he could their child and play a role in all their lives.

“There must be a place for me. I’m her dad and I will be the granddad to her kid. “I’m here and she knows it.”

Social media users have gone online to express their sympathy for Thomas Markle. They asked Meghan to make harmony with her dad.

Be that as it may, some blamed Piers Morgan for exploiting Thomas Markle’s defenselessness to pay back Meghan. They likewise brought up that nobody knows the full history of the crack and Meghan may have a legitimate purpose behind avoiding her dad and his side of the family.


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