I don’t live fake life- Angela Okorie

I don’t live fake life- Angela Okorie

Nigeria on-screen character Dayo Amusa as of late said,that it is essential as celebrities to live fake lives.

In any case, to clear her impression, actress, Angela Okorie demanded that she doesn’t live fake life to awe people on social media,base on the standard in the industry business.

Okorie stated, “I am used to cyber bullying. Here and there, I stay silent. Be that as it may, in the event that somebody accomplishes something incorrectly, I need to address it. In the event that I post something and you make a terrible remark about it, or you attempt to disgrace me, I will give it back to you in a similar way,”

Okorie, who was as of late associated with an online fight with one of her followers, says she has grown a tough skin to reactions.

In any case, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Angela stated:

“For the people who live fake lives, that is their own choice and they should keep living that way (on the off chance that it satisfies them). For what reason would I carry on with a fake life when I have cash to lavish on myself and do whatever I need? Belittling and jealousy are ordinary things in the movie industry. You’re welcome to a reality where being fake is a daily practice. When we see them people who do such, we know them.”


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