How To Get first 100k Followers On Instagram

The visual platform, Instagram, has grown to become a vital part of our everyday lives. It’s fun and there’s always something new ways to get more followers that help your Business increase sales and rate of return  for investment  [ROI]

    You have an Instagram account and you want lots of followers to enable promote your business . That’s normal especially when you are starting out. With numerous highly followed Instagram users, you are concerned about your follower-base.

For getting more followers on Instagram, the best advice is to attract attention

    Read this article to the end and discover ways to attract attention.

1 Your Bio & Profile
2 Your Images & Videos
3 Your captions
4 Use Stories & Live Videos
5 Use Your Best Times To Post
6 Make use of frequency of your posts
7 Use #Hashtags
8 Your Connections
9 Your Engagements
10 Your Ability To Get Discovered

How To Attract More Instagram Followers

Here are 10 certain aspects of an Instagram account you can work on attracting more followers;

#1   Your Bio & Profile  Your chance to give a good impression of yourself. Your profile has to convey your personality. 

   It comprises details such as your name, user name, website & bio.

Name :- Up to 30 characters and can be searched for on Instagram. Include keywords like your full name, nickname or personality name.

User name :- Has to be short and sweet and easy to remember.

Website :- Has to include a link to your blog or website (if any). Use URL shorteners to shorten your link.

Bio :- Has a 150-character max. It has to describe you and what you stand for. Make it captivating enough to make people follow.

    You can use hashtags, emoji and spaces for an easy quick-read.

#2    Your Images & Videos  :- Instagram emphasizes on quality and relevant content. Be specific about your genre. It could be food, fashion, sports, celebrities, politics, technology, comedy, music, business e.t.c.

    Figure out what your most comfortable sharing. It could be funny, educative, informative, inspiring or entertaining.

    Your photos and videos have to be relevant, i.e. what people have interests in. Interests determine if people will engage with your content.

     Search for similar content in your genre for insights about what people are engaging with. Only quality posts that are engaging and relevant stand out.

#3   Your captions :-  With visuals, your captions hold the key to engagement and makes people follow you for more.

    Every post should embody what people want to see. Your content must compelling people to like, comment or share.

 Some things to note are;

Emoji :- Emoji convey information in one character and draw the reader’s eye to your post.

Caption lengths :- Instagram lets you create long captions and short captions.

    Short captions, 125 characters or fewer, display in full and are most effective when visuals say it all.

    You can also use long captions when you have a story or information to share.

•  Important words at the beginning :- Long captions cut off after 125 characters, place keywords first to make users want to see more.

#Use Stories & Live Videos :-  Instagram, the photo-sharing network, allows users to create other content types, such as videos, Stories and Live videos. While photos and videos make up the Instagram Posts feed, Stories and Live videos occupy the Instagram Stories feed.

    Instagram Stories provide a great way to increase your followers. It’s as simple as having a story to tell. Authentic stories can elicit emotional comments from your followers and this can help more users see your Stories.

    Broadcast real-time video with Instagram Live and appear right in the Stories feed. Your followers get notified when you broadcast Live, so it calls for attention. It allows you interact with your followers while sharing content with them.

    With Stories and Live video, get your creative juices flowing and be rewarded with lots of followers.

#5   Use Your Best Times To Post :- The best time for you to post is when your followers are most active.

    It’s a good practice to focus on off-work hours, i.e. when 9-to-5 workers are free. This can be at  lunchtime, between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.  After-work hours, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, can be good too.

    Experiment and form your posting schedule as you figure out the times when followers engage most with your posts. Your best time is also perfect for going Live because it guarantees more engagement.

    If the best time to post isn’t convenient, you can schedule your posts for that time. Save the image or video in your camera roll and the caption in a notes app, so you copy and paste into Instagram when it’s time.

#6 Make use of frequency of your posts :-  On Instagram, frequent posting ensures you get followed and how well people engage with your posts.

    The more you post to Instagram, the more likes you get and the more you get followed. So be consistent with your posts.

    A good strategy is to post at your best times daily. This can be at lunchtime, after work or what suits you best. Post once or more per day, but few times daily.

#7   Use #Hashtags :- This article wouldn’t be complete without hashtags. It’s the number one way to get noticed on Instagram. They make your content become visible, exposing your account to the world.

    People now follow hashtag pages, so your posts can end up in users’ feed and they will follow you. Remember to only use relevant hashtags in your posts to avoid being flagged.

    Hashtag pages have an Instagram Story icon in the top left corner, which leads to a collection of Stories tagged with the hashtag. This means adding hashtags to your Stories brings more followers.

   It’s best to check out hashtags relevant to your genre. You can search on Instagram or check what others are using. On a hashtag page, you will also find a list of related hashtags which you can explore.

How to use hashtags include :-

• Create your own hashtags

• Use emoji hashtags

• Use popular hashtags like #selfie, #TBT,  #photooftheday, #NoFilter, #instagood, e.t.c.

• Up to 30 hashtags on a post and up to 10 hashtags on a Story

• Use location tags like #Atlanta, #Manhattan, #Maryland, #Miami, #BeverlyHills, e.t.c.

• Use specific tags for each genre, #MLS, #Soccer, #TMLTalk, #Ronaldo, #Zlatan, #Bulls, #ElTri, e.t.c. are for sports

• Don’t use hashtags like #likeforlike, #followme, #tagsforlikes, #follow4follow, e.t.c.

#8   Your Connections :- Follow relevant users with engaging content and lots of followers. Start conversations and build meaningful relationships on Instagram. People you interact with see more of your posts in their feed.

    Follow Instagram users that have interests in your content genre, as they’re likely to follow back. It’s also best to know a user’s interests before tagging the user in your post.

    A tagged user would engage with the post and might share too. When your followers also tag their friends in the comments, you also get more followers. It’s a win-win.

You should try and comment of top celebrities in your business niche , that will encourage others who comment on the page to follow you. i have try this experience it work well like charm.

#9   Your Engagements :- Pay attention, listen and blend in by partaking in discussions.

Observe conversations about your genre and interests. It is then you will discover influencers whose content you can like, comment on and share. Many will follow you back if your profile and content looks good.

When you get social on Instagram, you get visible. You should also give intriguing comments that will make people check out your profile.

#10    Your Ability To Get Discovered :- Increase your chances of being discovered by connecting to your other social accounts. Create it simple for folks to search out you.

Tell your fans on other social media to follow you on Instagram. Instagram also allows you to share your posts to other networks for some exposure.

Use offline mediums, by asking your friends, family and colleagues to follow you. This way the people you know in real life can help validate and share your content.

Above all, like and reply to the comments on your posts. Build up conversations and keep the engagements rolling in.

Make your account more attractive and you might end up in top Hashtag posts or on the Instagram Explore tab.

The Instagram Explore tab is where users can find relevant photos and videos from accounts that they are yet to follow. Share your best content, encourage user activity and get featured on the Explore tab, which is always rewarding.

The last tip :-  Know the amount of followers you want, come up with a strategy, and have fun as you watch the numbers increase. 

To your Instagram success!!! you can tell us more on how to get Instagram follower on the comment section.


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