Florida Lady Kayla Wood raises $2,380 by selling videos of her feet online

Florida born 21-years old Kayla Woods,reported to have earned $2,380 since last December, 2017 by selling pictures and videos of her feet online and going on platonic dates.

The mother-of-one’s alternative money-making method came about after she joined the dating site in 2015, where men pay between $100 (£79) and $200 (£158) for a date. She said;

Her online foot sales started about 12 months ago ,she said,I was going on dates with someone who had this particular interest. I had been on a date with him, and I felt comfortable.

“I was sending him selfies, and then he asked me to send a picture of my feet.

Customers have the option of paying their tab by purchasing items on Kayla’s Amazon wish list, she now has a smartwatch, a baby bouncer and a $300 (£237) Nintendo Switch console nestled beneath her tree.

Kayla’s customers have made a range of unusual requests, such as asking her to rub her feet on vegetables and bathe them in oil. One client even asked her to write their name on her instep with a marker pen.

According to Kayle, “I had always thought my feet were deplorable, awful and ugly but he didn’t seem to think so.

“After I sent the pictures, it gave me a lot of confidence. He paid me for the pictures and I realised there must be other people willing to do that too.”

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