Fat Joe celebrates medically introverted son on his birthday

Fat Joe celebrates medically introverted son on his birthday

The Bronx, New York rapper Fat Joe celebrates his medically introverted son on his birthday. The rapper who took to his Instagram page composed that the kid is his first child and he had him while he was a child, himself.

He wrote:

Imagine being only a child yourself being informed that your first born has Autism. I was crushed without a doubt , I wasafraid God for what reason is this transpiring.

No one needs life to be hard until your stood up to with reality what do you do , I knew for certain I nor my family could ever abandon JOEY, regardless of how troublesome life is or may turn out to be never abandon your family. Joey is and has dependably been a million times more joyful than me , he brings us happiness I trust he has kept my folks alive, they never need to walk out on him .

The rapper who is real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena  said,I never needed to post or show pics of Joe cause people can be remorseless however I figured out how to share my background with my kin so you know your not the only one.

Happy  bday my son I adore you and my children till my final gasp thank you mom and poppy for supporting me my entire life and showing me how to be a superior person when JOEY commends his bday we all celebrate another victory another beautiful win for the family Happy Bday Joe love you


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