Tiger Woods Wins $200,000 Bet With Phil Mickelson on the first hole

Tiger Woods and fellow golf legend Phil Mickelson are seeking a $9 million thousand prize in a one-on-one matchup titled “The Match: Tiger versus Phil”.

Phil Mickelson put his cash where his mouth was before he and Tiger Woods ventured on to the course at Shadow Creek for their one-on-one match, wagering $100,000 at their pre-match press he would birdie the first hole.

Both expert  used resolute certainty driving into the match. Mickelson was so certain, truly, he wagered Woods $100,000 he would birdy the principal opening on Friday. Woods instructed him to twofold it.

Mickelson’s first swing was an incredible one, placing him in a strong position to take advantage of his promise. His subsequent putt missed the mark. You could see the beguilement all over as he told Mickelson, “That hurt the pocket.”

On the first hole, Woods had a possibility for his very own birdie on a putt yet didn’t nail it. He grabbed his ball, and the consideration swung to Mickelson gazing at a nine-foot putt, one that was trickier than it looked.


He walked off the miss with a lighter wallet, $200,000 “That hurts the pocket,” Woods remarked.

Mickelson, 48, has the opportunity to recover a lot of his lost wager in the event that he can out-play Woods, 42, on the way to the $9 million prize.

“The Match: Tiger versus Phil” is in progress — as of this composition — at Shadow Creek outside Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday.


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