Kanye West accidentally tweets underwear-clad Kim Kardashian

Kanye West accidentally tweeted a screenshot that featured an underwear-clad Kim Kardashian, and while we’ve all seen Kim Kardashian in her underwear a gazillion times, it’s always fun to see a celebrity make a mistake!

In the post, a set of recent images on his camera roll, along the bottom of the screenshot from his phone can be seen alongside a blurry photo of Kim Kardashian posing in her underwear.

The two have been married for four years and share three children.

Kim recently revealed that her husband was advised not to date her because of her notorious sex tape.

Speaking with Van Jones on Be Woke Vote, she said: ‘We’ve been through a lot together. You know, I’ve known him for 15 years now.

It wasn’t clear if the rapper had deliberately posted the screen-shot of the underwear photo of his wife with the main photo, but it is an occurrence that relatively happens to a whole lot of people as the photos in the Camera Roll as conspicuously small and the private ones may rather go unnoticed until posted on social media.


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