How new WhatsApp update will embarrass people who sex chat

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The new WhatsApp updated soon could bring shame and humiliation to millions of unsuspecting people who sex chat.

The functionality is available in version of the Whatsapp beta software and will be rolled out to all App Store users soon, WABetaInfo said on Twitter.

The new feature was uncovered by WABetaInfo, which said video previews will be available within ‘push notifications’.

This could mean that short clips will be viewable from the lock screen of your phone, which may prove very embarrassing if your mum or boss sees a notification on your phone and fancies looking at the video it contains.

Currently, notifications contain a very small amount of information that’s not really enough to ruin your life.

Soon you will be able to see a short preview of a video within a notification. Which is fine when you’re expecting a nice birthday message from your grandparents, but probably not so good if you’re expecting (or are surprised by) a graphic image of someone’s naughty bits.

The messaging app is reportedly working on an update which could bring shame and humiliation to millions of unsuspecting sexters, Metro UK reports.


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