Football legend Francesco Totti Inducted Into Roma Hall of Fame

Football legend  Francesco Totti Inducted Into Roma Hall of Fame

The former Italy striker, who played for Roma for his entire 25-year career before retiring in 2017,Francesco Totti, broke down in tears as he was inducted into Roma’s Hall of Fame in an emotional ceremony on Tuesday night.

Totti was inducted into their Hall of Fame when he retired at the end of last season, but Roma delayed the public ceremony to honour him.

He was paraded around the stadium’s running track as supporters showed their gratitude to their most famous player.

During his playing days, Totti was seldom praised for his polished public speaking, but the grace with which he bares his soul to his people is truly remarkable. The manner in which Totti’s career ended still makes me sick, but moments like this prove one thing—This man is so much bigger than petty squabbles and arguments about legacy.

Following his “retirement” in May of 2017, Roma automatically enshrined him in the hall of fame but, for some reason, chose not to publicly honor him until today, meaning the actual class of 2018—Giuliano Taccola, Rodolfo Volk and Mario De Micheli—were sort of given the bum’s rush.

Totti said,’I’m a Roman, a Roma fan, I only played for one club, I was the captain… it’s a privilege that is difficult to put into words.

‘To stand here in front of the fans is always emotional for me. To be with them makes every day like the Hall of Fame for me.

‘Like always we are united; we are all brothers, sisters – I truly love you all.’

Totti, who is now a club director, made his senior debut for the club back in 1992, at the age of 16.


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