80-year-old American woman Sylvia Williams, arrested charged with scamming Michigan business for Nigerian man

A Florida woman identity as Sylvia Williams, 80, was has been arrested for fraud and conspiracy after scamming a Grand Traverse County business out of more than $4,000 connected to a Michigan business and a Nigerian man.
Nigeria scammer called an Acme Township cleaning company, saying they were moving to the area and wanted to pay for cleaning services in advance.

The scammer sent a dude check for $4,900, requesting they return a check for $4,300 to an address in Columbia County, Florida,Investigators report.

The bank discovered the check was phony, yet the business had officially sent the money to the Florida address.

Deputies in Columbia County, Florida followed up on the location and arrested Sylvia Williamsn for conspiracy and fraud.

As indicated by the report, Sylvia was sending the checks to a Nigerian man despite the fact that police had cautioned her before to not get involved in the dirty deal.

“The Florida woman had an affair with the Nigerian man and this relationship has continued for quite a long while she trust the  fraudster and because there was that trust this lady would do anything for them, even if it involves fraudulent activities,” Lt. Chris Barsheff with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office told WPBN.

Barsheff says the con artists likely targeted on Williams realizing she would be vulnerable making her to some degree an unfortunate casualty herself.

The Acme Township business was able to recover the money they lost in the scam.


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