50 Cent, attacked his estranged son, Marquise Jackson,after he was pictured with the son of Kenneth McGriff who ‘wanted him dead in 2000’

In 2000, 50 Cent was shot multiple times but he survived the shooting. After recovering the rapper alleged in a leaked track,’Ghetto Qu’ran’ where he claimed McGriff is behind the attempt on his life, during which he was shot 9 times.

Rapper, 50 Cent, has openly assaulted his estranged son, Marquise Jackson, again after he was pictured with the son of Kenneth McGriff, a convicted American drug baron who was sentenced to life in prison in 2007 after being convicted of several murder-for-hires.

In the new photograph which was posted on Instagram on Thursday night, 50 Cent’s son is envisioned spending time with the son of McGriff.

The post was inscribed ‘Kyle and Marquise 2018.Supreme McGriff’s son and 50’s son. Salute’

50 Cent who obviously wasn’t satisfied with the photograph needed to drop a tacky remark: He wrote: If both these ni****got hit by a bus I wouldn’t have a terrible day’

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