YEEZY Sneaker Prices Drop Dramatically after Kanye west’s Trump Meeting

MTO site has reported that since Kanye embraced Donald Trump he has lost millions of his fans also seenthe prices of his Yeezy’s sneakers drop drastically.

According to MTO, the Yeezy sneakers which were super expensive and goes for $1,000 for a pair are now being sold at for less than $400 on the sneaker store Flight Club’s website.

Besides Kanye’s politics tanking the brand Adidas also increased production of certain models taking away the “rare factor.” The strategy Adidas previously used for Yeezy releases was the “drop” model pioneered by streetwear and sneaker brands, and now being adopted by luxury fashion. The basic premise is to offer occasional, limited releases of new designs, instead of putting out a large number all at once, keeping supply low and demand high.

To put that in perspective, just one year ago, it was nearly impossible to buy a pair of Yeezys for under $1,000.

Here’s Flight Club’s website prices:

Read the full report by MTO below.

Kanye West may be destroying the Yeezy brand that he worked so hard to create. Just one year ago, Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers would routinely sell for more than $1000 – shortly after they were released.

But that was BEFORE Kanye became a MAGA supporting lunatic. Kanye has since embraced Donald Trump and a racist anti-Black ideology, and that has turned off MILLIONS of his fans.

MTO News took a quick look at the sneaker store Flight Club’s website, to see how Ye’s new anti-Black political stances has affected his Yeezy sneaker prices – and we were shocked at what we saw.

Kanye’s sneakers are now selling for close to retail value. The sneakers had a retail price of $200, and some are selling for less than $300. None of his newest sneakers are selling for more than $435.


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