US-based Kenyan pastor Stanley Mwea holds 3 Pre-wedding dinner parties with two different women within few months

A Kenyan pastor living in the United States identified as Reverend Stanley Mwea, has been accused of fraud for holding three Pre-wedding fundraisers with two different women within a few months.

The pastor held two pre-wedding fundraisers in May this year, in Baltimore, Maryland and Boston, Massachusetts and an upcoming one in Washington State.

Stanley Mwea is said to have had two pre-weddings in different states with his previous fiancé, Susan Kangethe, whom he broke-up with just before their wedding.

Mwea who fell in love with another woman, Ms Serah Ndirangu, called off his first wedding with Susan Kangethe, after they had issues before walking down the aisle.

Soon after that, Rev Mwea then fell in love with Ms Serah Ndirangu, and the two planned a third pre-wedding, slated for November 10th this year.

After pre-wedding dinner parties are held for the couple, the “love birds” vanish or relocate to different states, never to be seen again, Kenyans citizen who lives in united states disclose it.

Pastor Serah Ndirangu who spoke with Kenya Satellite News Network last Thursday, disclosed that she is aware of what happened between the previous fiancée and the Reverend and added that the upcoming pre-wedding was her own idea. She added that she is ready to get married to the man, and “those casting doubts on the event are mere detractors whose opinions don’t really matter.”

The first pre-weddings with the intentions of marrying Kangethe were held at Maryland and Massacheuts states while the fundraisers to sponsor them were held in Baltimore and Boston respectively Kenyans are now crying foul claiming the pastor is on a mission to fleece them their hard earned money in the pretense of having pre-weddings.

The pastor’s fiancee, however, defended their scheduled pre-wedding and a wedding thereafter in December 2018 while cautioning people to stop casting aspersions. She said the event will take off despite the criticisms from Kenyans whom she claimed were just detractors.

“Why do people like poking their noses in other people’s affairs?,” she posed “We really do not care what they are saying this is our life and nobody is being forced to contribute a penny, our pre- wedding will take place on November 10, 2018 come rain or sunshine, “ the bride to be added.

Source: Kenyan Sattelite News Network


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