The Many sin of Akinwunmi Ambode

How dare Ambode make constant salary payment to Lagos workers even in recession?

And he dared to go building Jubilee Bridges*… Abule Egba and Ajah…

So the best way to use money for party men is to instead use it for the people and have Berger Interchange reconstruction…

He dared to Light Up Lagos. How will Godfather take Lagos politicians to dark corners to swear juju to be loyal to him if Ambode puts light everywhere? Does he not know the value of dark areas for such rituals and even for party touts to be raping girls? Is this not dividend of APC rule for boys to be able to …

He INSIDIOUSLY reconstructed Oshodi Transport Hub

Who does he think he is to be redeveloping Ijora, Yaba, Oyingbo bus stop? Did the agberos complain to him that they did not like it the way it was?

And imagine the cancerous-like GROWTH of Lay bys and new bus stops. Did people tell him they did not like waiting in hot sun and rain?

Ad he was trying to make Lagos the safest city in Africa. How will boys chop f they cannot steal phones from women coming from church-organized vigil. So inconsiderate of area boys

And that serial 114 inner city road projects in all LGA LCDAs… Road cannot have potholes again, road that was in one corner jejely and not disturbing anyone. He is coming to inner city. Do millionaires live in inner city? Why not concentrate on VGC and Island?

Just look at him “Lagos Office of Civic Engagement and Lagos Global Office…” nonsense.

Lagos Art Projects. All our children should be in sciences. Who art epp? How many people can afford painting these days?

*Pensioners that will soon die, he fully settled them and happy with him. Oya they should come and vote for him. Who cares about old people? So what if they are our fathers and mothers. Their time has passed jor.

VIO and FRSC harassment that we all use to enjoy. How will VIO and FRSC boys chop now? Should they become armed robbers???

21 Alimosho roads with two bridges. Can you imagine? Two. Is it bridge boys will chop? Does bridge have protein?

The network of roads in Epe. Epe!!! Network of roads. This man wants to gve poor people all Lagos money meant for the rich.

Badagry Marina and Epe Marina projects. Are those places even Lagos? Mtchewwww.

The network of roads in Aboru and Abesan communities with a bridge. Names of places you cannot even pronounce….Aboru and Abesan. When you hear VGC and Lekki, don’t you like it? Aboru. Mtchewww.

Ajasa-Command Road. He is now supporting that failed Yoruba rapper Lord of Ajasa. Okay go and command him.

67 communities in Ibeju-Lekki connected to the national grid after five years of darkness. No wonder VGC and Lekki and Banan Island now have low current sometimes. What is wrong if they use candle?

Onikan Stadium. He went to repair stadium?

and JK Randle Centre. JK Randle, that useless journalist that thinks he is an icon? He went to renovate the enter to world standard.

One Lagos Fiesta. Hmmmm Okay. Now let him go and take Siesta. Hee shld sleep.

The ongoing multiple road projects in the Ikorodu division including Ishawo road project down to Arepo in Ogun State, Igbogbo-igbe-bola Tinubu road down to Gberigbe and environs. Ikorodu that has that group BADOOO. We shall see.

Lake Rice project. No stew.

*largest rice Mill in Africa under development in Imota. He shld not worry. We will import rice. You want to spoil business for rich importers and amala sellers with cheap local rice.

Rent-to-own housing scheme. Fashola that is minister for housing has not done it, Ambode is proving I-TOO-KNOW

Mile 12 market in Imota. So so poor people and poor places.

various projects in the health sector including completion of Ayinke House , new Intensive care unit, Helipad, new access road in LASUTH, health insurance, construction of many primary health care centres across the state, among others. And so what happens to TB Joshua and miracles? So God cannot hea people abi?

land protection initiatives. Land complain give am?

N25billion Employment Trust Fund which has helped to revamp hitherto moribund industries, facilitated new companies and helped create thousands of jobs. As if that is more important than money for Tinubu to contest presidency iin 2023.

the advancement of multi-modal transport project with new jetties, new world class ferries, shoreline protection and channelization of new ferry routes, among others. Ambode wants to annoy Olokun by using water transport that is quicker and that will reduce traffic jam n Lagos. Tell him traffic jam is what makes Lagos to be lagos.

new Ilaje road and jetty…All those Ilaje people that are not real pure Yoruba. mtchewww.

Remember Bucknor Isheri road with 2, gigantic bridges. Bucknor name that annoyed Tinubu as deputy governor. Anything Bucknor must not be developed if you love Tinubu.

Ago Palace link rd. Only one palace and that is where Tinubu lives. That road is blasphemy.

various initiatives against domestic violence. A man cannot beat his wife again Ambode abi? For that we defeat you in primaries.

N500million disability fund. So God that made them disabled does not know what he is doing right? Why cannot they not be beggars like it has always been in Nigeria?

REMEMBER SAME PEOPLE CALLING FOR HIS HEAD  AND MAKE HIM LOOSE PRIMARY ENDORSED HIM AS THE MOST PERFORMING GOVERNOR IN APC even as at 3 months ago, and arguably the best Governor in Nigeria. .. And so? Three months is a looooooooong tIme ago

This post is exclusively meant for your conscience.

(This is me bastardizing a very brilliant post in defense of Ambode. In Nigeria, it is a crime to use money meant to be eaten by party men to do projects for the people. The people do not vote in primaries)

By Ena Ofugara


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