Steve Madden to Nicki Minaj ‘Stop Lying’as 50 Cent releases evidence Nicki Minaj turned Steve’s offer

The ongoing Feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B has turn to centre of accusations from both sides prompted outside players to confirm and/or deny claims from both parties.

Cardi claimed in one of her 10 Instagram videos that the clothing company Diesel made her an offer before later going to Nicki Minaj. Bill Wackermann, CEO of Wilhelmina models, then decided to go on Twitter to support Nicki. “Tell the truth Boo! That diesel deal was built AROUND the one and only Queen. #truthwillsetyoufree @nickiminaj @iamcardib – I’ve got the receipts,” he wrote in a since deleted Tweet.

Though Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have called a truce to their war, some battles still seem to be on as 50 Cent joins the mix.

Nicki Minaj was telling the truth about turning down an offer from shoe designer Steve Madden before her rival Cardi B was approached with the deal.

The rappers exchanged a series of insults and accusations on social media on Monday, and in one of Nicki’s post she revealed she turned down an offer from Steve Madden, who Cardi partnered with for a series of ads at the end of last year.

Cardi claimed Diesel approached her before going to Minaj for a limited collection. Minaj struck back by saying that she was offered the Steve Madden deal first. After the post, Madden responded calling Minaj a liar, claiming that offer never took place.

Steve Madden later took to Twitter to accuse Nicki of lying about a deal that was never offered.

50 Cent on his own part has released evidence Nicki Minaj actually turned down an offer from shoe designer Steve Madden before her rival Cardi B was approached with the deal.

“I was gonna do a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and we got into a fight the first minute we met,” he recalls, without pinpointing the exact cause. “And then we patched it up. We were cool. We text each other, we became sort of buddies. We were thinking of doing something, and I would’ve, but I was with Iggy and I thought, ‘Coke and Pepsi.’ It was a mistake. I made a mistake and I wish that I could go back in time and work with Nicki instead of Iggy.”

Now the official Steve Madden account is caught up in the beef, claiming Nicki is lying and was never offered anything. “[email protected] you can’t turn down an offer that was never made. #StopLying,”

Nicki blasted the fashion designer. She wrote: ‘? @SteveMadden thought I was lying you dumb f**k. You, Irv & Gee Roberson came to my house in MALIBU BEGGING me to do the deal. I said no. You then did a deal w/Iggy & she hated the pics you used & went in on you online. Im sure Irv told you to post this lie. Respond to @50cent

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