Overrating Buhari: Can Any Of PDP Aspirant Beats Him

People calling Tambuwal weak, a sick Musa Yar Adua, a blueblood just like Tambuwal beat Buhari black and blue. Musa Yar Adua was a serving governor just like Tambuwal as well. All the raking of Buhari owning the almajiris was demystified. Buhari had 6 million votes and Yar’Adua did not even do campaign rallies cos of his health.

Just because nPDP and the generals including OBJ and IBB joined Buhari to beat a “minority” Jonathan, suddenly the perennial election loser Buhari is now seen as a collossus. Nonsense!!!

Nigerians call Saraki quintessential leader with an intimidating track record of achievements, Saraki is a man that has been aptly described as a man for this season. A man that has inborn proclivity for leadership.election is a contest of champions. Each of the aspirants is a champion in his own

Besides, he has been a two term governor of Kwara State. He was a Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum. As a senator, he is currently the Senate President and the Chairman of the National Assembly. Prior to that, he was a Special Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Budget Affairs.

North vs North he got 6 million votes.

Let PDP get their act together in the next few days and pick a candidate that can split the North and be appealing in the south by not having a history of sharia and oppression of Christians and you will know that Buhari is lightweight

Do not forget that but for Tinubu, both Atiku and Kwankwaso had more share of Northern delegate votes in APC primaries despite splitting the votes between them and that it was Tinubu’s 100 percent delivery of southern votes that made Buhari win the APC primaries in 2014.

The generals have left Buhari. The Northern elites have left Buhari. nPDP have left Buhari. The false toga of integrity has left Buhari. The “change” magic has left Buhari. He is as unpopular and is blamed for Fulani herdsmen killing. No one believes he is fighting corruption anymore. And everyone has felt the bite of recession.

The Igbos that stayed at home last time are raring to vote and Yorubas who voted him, many regret it.

Now they know Fashola cannot repair light in six months

And Tinubu is one of the most hated Nigerians today with his Ambode ambush.

You say Tambuwal ,saraki and Kwankwaso is weak? I say they will beats him by a landslide. The Sultanate will speak to Emirs and to Imams and like Yar Adua did him, he only gets 6 million votes.

I say Atiku beats him if Buhari and Obasanjo agree to fully come on board as they seem to have done

Kwankwaso will beat him like a thief. But why replace Buhari with younger Buhari.

If you think Buhari owns the North, remember again that he scored 6 million votes when he ran against a co-Northerner and a blueblood.

He is not facing an Ijaw man backed by a United and angry North while he wears a toga of magician and saviour.

Now everybody knows everybody is corrupt.

North vs North. Muslim vs Muslim. One will have angry Igbos, disappointed Yorubas and aggrieved and grieving Middlebelters and majority of south south on their side and it is not Buhari.

The only problem I see in this election, is INEC and the security forces, if not he’s beatable all day long. is Buhari weak and beatable? ask Father Mbaka.

By  Ofugara, Washington, District of Columbia


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