How to make your Businesses and followers Stand Out on Instagram

With so many people and businesses now active on Instagram, people spend more time exploring and sharing their passions on ways to improve  with Internet business.

When using Instagram to grow your business and followers, it’s essential to build up an audience that is engaged and loyal to your brand. But how can you ensure these followers engage with your posts and, in turn, help you to grow as a business on Instagram?

It can be a little overwhelming trying to come up with ways to cut through for effective outcome with good business intelligence . But, sometimes the answers are right in front of our you – and no you don’t necessarily need a viral hit to stand out.But how do you make sure that your brand stands out among the rest?

1 Use Strong Visuals:brand logos, colors and products are so vital when it come to instagram post,using colour overlay for your images make your post standout. Make sure the color overlay is light enough so that the images are still visible,since Black, grey, and dark shades tend to be less common on Instagram.

2 Use video content :Using video, Boomerang, or cinemagraphs to add a pop of activity – A 60 second video can also be a great way of showing your profile and products even opting for action shots over for still life photos can help your business’ images stand out.

3 Use Hashtags: People follow hashtags and there are a bunch of tags to use if you want to increase likes and comments since Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram. My advice is to stick to hashtags that make sense for the image you are sharing and use that often.

4:Comment and Like other people profile page:Try to comment as many pictures as you can. The less comments on a picture has, the better chance that you’ll get followed. Just say something nice about the pictures,kind word goes a lot way.

5 Start Following People: Use the “Find People To Follow” feature. This will import friends from Facebook and your contacts to follow. About 25% of the people you follow, will follow you back.

6 Tag People:You can tag people inside the image and you can tag people in the comments. Also try and post Funny memes by focusing on them and see where it takes you. This nice way to get others to your images and to your page to increase your following.

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7 Use The Right Tags: #Atlanta Georgia, #NYC, #Moneyman  and #business evaluation. You have to  make  use of  a popular tags, which might not be relevant to your post, but it will expose you to a much wider audience.

8 Create a good Profile:profile is the first impression,if you want people to click-through to your website via Instagram it has to be done right,Make sure you reflects the theme of your account. If your account is about sport, use a picture of renown sportsman or woman, also Try and fill out your biography, your website link and other social media links.

9 Use Multiple Canvases: upload up to 10 images to single post for your viewers to see your first image in the feed is now enable by instagram .Though the feature isn’t widely adopted yet, so you’ll definitely stand out from the competition.

10. Add watermark and iWatermark app

If you create your own unique high quality content and pictures, you should try and watermark your photos by identifying your image or pattern. It helps you establish and reinforce your brand and curbs blatant photo theft, which Instagram is tormented with.

Watermarks should be small but visible. People are more likely to share a photo that has a little spotless logo than a substantial upsetting one to boost your business leads


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