HIV positive man Norman O’Neill branded a ‘danger to women’by Southampton Magistrates’ Court

A HIV-positive man Norman O’Neill has been served with a four-year Sexual Risk Order in a civil case brought by Hampshire Police.

The 44years old man must contact officers and provide the details of each woman he plans on having sex with and is banned from inviting any females into his home unless he calls police first.

He was branded a ‘danger to women’ by a judge at Southampton Magistrates’ Court and slapped with a four-year Sexual Risk Order – and if he breaks it he could face up to five years in jail.

O’Neill has also been told he must inform women he has HIV before any sexual activity takes place and police will contact the women in advance to issue an appropriate warning.

The court heard O’Neill, from Southampton, has not been convicted of any offence but is alleged to have put ‘vulnerable’ women at risk by engaging in unprotected sex without telling them he has HIV.

Detective Sergeant Craig Fielding, from Hampshire Constabulary, told the court O’Neill enticed women back to his home by promising them drugs and alcohol.


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