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Former Sudanese president Siwar Al-Dahab dies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia aged 83

The 83-year-old former Sudanese president Abdulrahman Siwar al-Dahab died in a military hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia the agency said on Thursday.

Al-Dahab, was former military officer, who served as defence minister former army officer before he led the removal of Gaafar Nimeiry in 1985; Nimeiry had been president since 1969.

Abdulrahman became more prominent when a former President, Gaafar Nimeiry, appointed him chief of staff, and later minister of defence and general commander of the armed forces, in 1984. In 1985, he staged a coup ousting Nimeiry. This made him to become the chairman of Transitional Military Council. Following elections, he surrendered power to the government of Sadiq al-Mahdi in 1986.

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