Chimamanda Adichie describes Melania Trump as ‘racist’on her visit to Africa

Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie in a recent interview with international magazine, Esquire UK  described United States First Lady, Melania Trump as racist as she talked about her stance on feminism, Melania Trump’s visit to Africa and racism.

.She said, had you asked me this question yesterday, I would have said ‘yes’ and my evidence would be that she supported her husband when he was being incredibly racist to Barack Obama. But I just watched an interview that she gave and I was just appalled by it.

Adichie went further to reference a jacket Melania wore to one of the US children immigration camps which read “I really don’t care: Do you?” and caused a media frenzy.

“I remember when the media made a lot of noise about that jacket. I remember actually kind of being on her side when all that noise was happening. I thought she doesn’t know, she couldn’t possibly do this knowingly. She did, so the answer to your question is ‘yes’. I think she is racist”.

Trump sort of stepped out of a colonial 1750 guidebook about how to be in Africa. There’s a pith helmet and then I am thinking maybe this is supposed to be ironic? Maybe it is a critique of colonialism. She really thought this is what you do when you go to Africa and it says something about someone who is so removed from reality”


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