Brave eight-year-old girl Brielle Minia Alba in Philippines attacks gunmen as they rob her parents

Eight-year-old Brielle Minia Alba had been playing outside near her home in Cavite, Philippines when four men walked up to her house.

The three masked men approached her dad – who had just returned home from work in a white 4×4 – and held him up at gunpoint to steal his cash while one of the gang raided the family home.

The group ran back down the driveway in the opposite direction – with the only person between them and their getaway motorcycles being the little girl, who was walking back to see what the noise was.

She bravely lunged at one of the robbers who was holding a silver semi-automatic handgun and ripped open his blue backpack. The stolen goods were spilled onto the floor as the little girl tried to pick up as many of the items as she could.

The robber gets it out of her hand and runs towards the mopeds at the end of the road ready to take him away. Not daunted, Brielle runs after them again. Footage shows her being kicked, and she sustained a broken nose and cuts and bruises.

After spending two nights in hospital she returned home. Brielle bravely vowed: “I’ll get them next time.” She also said was not afraid of the cowards and said she would do it again. The little girl added: “I’m so angry they stole my daddy’s money.

I’m so angry they stole my daddy’s money. If I ever see them again they’ll be sorry.

The money belonged to my family. I wanted to help them. They worked hard for it.

Brielle’s aunt, Bhing, praised her niece:

Thank God we were safe and all they took was money. It’s just money that can be earned, now they can wait for karma. My niece is really brave.


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