Birthright of Atiku,Peter Obi President & VP in waiting?

Actually I even said Peter Obi ought to be president. But let us talk about today and what is as opposed to what ought.

For years and years I have written about Peter Obi, highlighting his background, multiple degrees and in education, business acumen that is hereditary and learned, frugality, vision and exceptional leadership that we have actually seen brought to play

Peter Obi is not VP because he is a stooge to anyone, that we leave for Yemi Osinbajo and Tinubu. Despite Peter Obi’s closeness to Goodluck Jonathan, his pick as VP is an honor well-deserved. He is not a nobody from the blue like Osinbajo.

He is not a place-holder for anyone till Nigeria is ready for that person. That again we leave to Osinbajo and Tinubu and their game of thrones. Peter Obi has earned this, by performance and by faithfully following his party and its leadership.

I congratulate Peter Obi and I say to Atiku “this was quick and decisive and shows you will not take six months to pick ministers. And from Peter’s innate qualities, you Atiku have shown you are ready and can carry out your constitutional duty of appointing great people to positions. Atiku, you are ready.

To Yoruba PDP members. APC will not hand the presidency to Tinubu or to Yorubas. They do not even allow Osinbajo have true power.

PDP is the only party that is fair to all. There are other positions of power and influence that is not VP plus if the country improves as it will under Atiku and Peter Obi, no one will care where the VP comes from. We just want a good country for everyone.

For Igbos, it is time to delay a few aspirations. The task before Nigeria is removing Buhari. There must be consequences for his deep disregard for a whole section of a country. Not punishing Buhari with delivering 90 percent of votes to PDP is telling all future leaders that “you can treat Igbos the way you wish”. A line must be drawn in the sand and a clear message sent.

They Shift The Attack To Face Oyedepo And Kukah.

Those who saw nothing wrong with the APC that not only garnered the support of Redeemed Christian Church, but actually changed the destiny and nomenclature of her second most powerful pastor Yemi Osinbajo from Pastor to Past Pastor Vice President Osinbajo are complaining about only picture of Oyedepo, Obasanjo and Atiku.

Same people that clapped when Buhari refused to pull his cap inside Redeemed church as he stood next to Adeboye suddenly find Facebook and twitter voice against pastor and a priest in a public library shaking hands with politicians.

And people who shared a Reverend Father Mbaka video INSULTING A SITTING PRESIDENT and calling him BADLUCK and who saw nothing wrong in it and never chastised him now suddenly say “pastors should concentrate on the gospel”

When did you get this epiphany or revelation? Was it on your road to Damascus or Daura that pastors should now concentrate on the gospel, after voting a ticket that had a pastor as vice president? Or maybe only APC need SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE? PDP does not?

Naim make I dey say many people fit fine for face and know book. But once them dey support that Buhari, lakpalakpa done catch their brain be that.

Christianity and Judaism have always been intertwined and interwoven with religion, same as Islam. It is wishful Jehovah Witness thinking to try to separate both. Without politics and Christianity combining over the years, there will be no church anywhere as Christianity would still be just a hidden cult. If I am lying ask the Roman Emperor Constantine (AD 306-AD 337) as well as every single Pope of the Catholic church and the Bishop of Canterbury.

There Will Be A Shock To The System In Yorubaland.

Many Nigerians do not know that the struggle for power in Yorubaland in 1963-1966 is what led to the series of events that led to coups and then to civil war and so many others. The mighty and beloved Awolowo was challenged and successfully. Let us leave the hows and whys for another day. That is not the point of this pATIKUlar post.

Yorubas may appear quiet and quiescent until it is time for them to react.

Those for whom history mean something know that the same Yorubas that prostrate for the King and call him a deity are the same Yorubas that offer same King THE CALABASH and force him to commit suicide once he has become too overbearing and abusive of his power.

Those who underestimate Atiku in the West (Yorubaland) forget Atiku once had a structure there under ACN. They forget Gbenga Daniels and many others have been working very hard for a long while underground for Atiku. Now these people hiding because of fear of OBJ not liking Atiku will begin to emerge emboldened.

They forget also Atiku is business partner with many of the Yoruba elites… elites who do not really like Tinubu in the first place and who will see this as an opportunity to tame a lion, be it from Bourdillon or from Ogun.

Atiku’s problem has never been the streets. It always has been with Obasanjo and the unity of the generals since to be opposed by one is to be opposed by all.

The generals, sponsors of many of those in Senate, House of Rep and who have been the unseen hand controlling many political powerhouses, and parties, have endorsed Atiku. Abdulsalaam, a former president was in attendance, coming all the way from Niger state.

Tinubu may be able to control how legislators and LG chairmen and delegates vote in primaries, and remove sitting governors, but he may not be able to control the streets. Many are tired of him and just want to see him out of power and influence.

The Oyo Mesi are consulting the Ifa. A calabash will soon be presented to Tinubu.

Congratulations Nigeria.

Ena Ofugara [Washington, District of Columbia, USA]


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