93-year-old woman Dorothy Williams marries her 86-year-old lover in US

A 93-year-old woman, Dorothy Williams, has married Richard Rola, an 86-year-old man, two decades after she lost her first husband.

Williams, who is from Michigan, U.S., believed she wouldn’t fall in love again after the death of her first husband when she was 72, but that changed when she met her new husband, Rola, at a polka dancing class three years ago, reports Daily Mail.

Last month, in front of 200 friends and family, Dorothy and Richard tied the knot, with the bride donning a short pink dress, gold sequin tennis shoes and a flowers in her hair to suggest ‘blooming youth’.

The couple were introduced after Dorothy’s son John met Mr Rola while providing a roofing estimate and thought he would make a ‘nice friend’ for his mother.

‘He seemed like a really nice guy,’ John said. As we talked, I found out that we were both Polish. And, I kind of thought he would be a nice friend for my mother.


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