What has Tinubu got to show for all the support for Buhari he appointed all the security chiefs from Katsina-Adebanjo

Afenifere chieftain and statesman, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has asked previous Lagos State Governor and PC national leader , Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to pull back his support for President Buhari ahead of 2019 poll.

Talking in a meeting with the Sun, Adebanjo, said that Tinubu has picked up nothing for his help for President Buhari in 2015.

He additionally cautioned the All Progressives Congress, APC national leader that the South West will never again tail him ‘timidly’ as they did in 2015, adding that people of the locale are not fools.

“There is nothing to report for having joined Buhari in the last general elections. What has he got to show for all the support for Buhari when he appointed all the security chiefs from Katsina?

“Tinubu has gained nothing. He is just bargaining with the Yoruba people. Whatever he is doing with Buhari would not serve the Yoruba interest.

“If Tinubu is not going to perdition and if he is going to be rational, he should withdraw from President Buhari and come home.

“If he challenges that, he should come and say this is what he has brought to the Yoruba people since joining the Buhari government.

“Apart from the stooges Buhari appointed, all the major positions are in the hands of the Northerners.

“Except the positions given to some of them because of their efforts during the campaign, what did the Yoruba people gain as a body?

“Do you think that in 2019, everybody will follow former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu sheepishly to perdition. Don’t forget that the people of the South West are not fools.

“He deceived them in the first instance and I warned them. Since that election of 2015, what has Tinubu brought to the South West since he took them there.

“My dear, I do not want to be talking about the obvious. If anybody is still in the fool’s paradise, thinking that Tinubu is leading the Yoruba, such a person is deceiving himself.

“Tinubu is just leading himself now and he is not enjoying the present government except he is deceiving himself.”

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