R.Kelly’s New York City Show Has Been Canceled Due to ‘Hurricane Florence’

R. Kelly’s Saturday performance at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater in New York City has been cancelled.

The poor forecast has made it difficult for the production crew working on the event to travel to New York for the Saturday performance.

The artist’s Memory Lane Tour promoter, Victory Promotions, who say their creation team have been not able travel from South Carolina for the show because of Hurricane Florence.

The reps said that the tempest would make it troublesome for the creation team working the show to movement to New York for its booked date of Saturday, September 15.

In light of the Ticketmaster page for the show before it was dropped, tickets were not selling particularly well. As of this week, many seats were still available in front and middle sections, and entire rear sections were blocked off, indicating that they may have been closed to sales. However, the Victory Promotions representative said that sales were not a factor in the decision to cancel the show.

The cancelation likewise comes one day after R. Kelly’s more youthful sibling, Carey Kelly, denounced R. Kelly of attacking their 14-year-old cousin. Carey includes tthat the same cousin gave birth a few years after the alleged abuse started but would not state whether he believed the child to be his brother’s.

R. Kelly has been blamed for various occurrences of sexual offense for more than two decades, and it shows up the terrible press may at last be making up for lost time to him.

Carey had charged that R. Kelly dated men and furthermore spread STDs in his track “I Confess” which was in light of R. Kelly’s 19-minute tune “I Admit”.

Carey stated: “Robert has a control issue. Furthermore, the main motivation behind why he targets young ladies, now that I’m more established, I get it. He was attacked. I was attacked [too], however I didn’t turn out that way.”

Carey included that they were molested by the same person. “I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters,” he said.

On R. Kelly’s association with Aaliyah, Carey said they had a dreadful sibling sister relationship. “Be that as it may, in the meantime, it made you scratch your head. He [was] overprotective of her when he shouldn’t be,” Carey said.

“I picked it up when he was working on her album and he started producing ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number.’ I’m listening to the [lyrics] and I’m paying closer attention to how they’re vibing…they’d be right next to each other, hugged up and different things of that nature. That didn’t seem right with him being the age that he was, and her being the age that he was.”

In response to the accusations, Kelly released the misleadingly titled 19-minute track “I Admit” in July. On the track, Kelly admits to having to tour because he is broke, that he was molested at the age of 14 and that he has had sex with a lot of women, but it was all consensual.

Carey, insinuated that R. Kelly was “demonic” and urged him to seek help. “Anytime a person lusts after a minor something is wrong with them.”


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