Photos Linda Ikeji N120 million Bentley she bought for her son, Jayce Jeremi

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, who of recent gave birth to a baby boy Jayce  in Atlanta Georgia United States has acquired a N120 million Bentley Mulsanne for her son, Jayce Jeremi.

Linda Ikeji who delivered of a bouncing baby boy on Monday at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta, and promised to spoil her son as she is ready to flaunt all she would be getting for him on social media, has done the unbelievable.

Recall she revealed to us way back before she put to bed that she already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for Baby J. Earlier today, Linda Ikeji’s younger sister, Sandra Ikeji, took to her Instagram page to share a photo of the luxury car the billionaire blogger got for her son.

Earlier today, Linda Ikeji’s younger sister, Sandra Ikeji, took to her Instagram page to share a photo of the luxury car the billionaire blogger got for her son. She shared the photo and wrote; Bentley mulsanne! Push gift from Linda to Linda, Baby J, you are blessed. Hey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley , now you have it!Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley #Bentleyforbabyj

Linda Ikeji has ealier promise her son where she wrote:

“I know I will be the best mum ever! I was conceived for this and I am at last prepared! What’s more, now I need to accomplish more, accomplish more, so lil man will be glad for his mother. Considering the amount I cherish kids, now and again I ask why I didn’t have them prior.

Yet, similar to my father stated, supernatural occurrences like this at long last happen when God is prepared to share you. Anyway, as all of you know, I’ve constantly shared each point of reference, each good thing that is transpired throughout the years with you all and I certainly needed to likewise impart this delight to you.

I’ve been needing to shout about this since I discovered numerous months back yet my family and friends  have been instructing me to ‘quiet down Linda, quiet down’… lol. I’m presently path into my second trimester, so I get it’s alright to share my euphoria.”

Linda Ikeji has just enlightened us regarding how fixated she is with her child, so we can be expecting more extravagant spending on her son J

See what she wrote;

“You guys think DJ Khaled is obsessed with his son, Asahd? Wait until this one gets here. He’s not even here yet and I already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for us. I swear! Lol. Like, I can’t keep calm. Oh and please, nannies, stay away from me. I’ve got this covered! Thank you. Lol.

Sometimes when I’m lying down and I feel him moving around inside me (he’s so hyper already, constantly moving around…lol), I just get up and cradle my tummy and smile. Lol. I can’t wait for these months to go by so I can meet him. My own son!

Dear son, of every dream I have had, every achievement, every milestone, out of all my accomplishments and titles, all the money and worldly possession I have, nothing compares to you. You are my greatest blessing, my gift from heaven, my greatest dream realized. I love you more than life itself and I can’t wait to meet you and give you so many kisses. And of course, spoil you! You will hear ‘I love you’ loud and clear so many times, you will beg me to stop. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”


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