XXXTENTACION’s Murder Suspect Dedrick Williams Wants $10K For His Own Private Investigation

One of the murder of rapper XXXTentacion,Dedrick Williams has filed documents last week, requesting the court to grant him a private investigator

Since the killing, police have been working around the clock and arrested all the people they believe were involved in the murder. The 4th and last suspect, Trayvon Newsome, was tracked down and arrested last week.

Williams also wants the court’s permission to hire a cell phone forensics expert to get involved in this case. Dedrick was arrested and charged in connection with the murder, says his attorney has identified a P.I. who can work the case, but they need the court to authorize a $10,000 payment for the services.

Unfortunately, Williams cannot pay for his legal services with the money he allegedly stole from the 20-year-old rapper as he lay dying in his car. Those funds have been entered into evidence, after Williams went on a spending spree with the cash the day after the murder and it led to his eventual capture.

All four suspects in the case have maintained their innocence and plead not guilty to any of the crimes they’ve been charged with. However, the first suspect that was apprehended, Dedrick Williams, has reportedly filed documents to hire his own private investigator to prove whether there’s actual evidence against him in XXXTENTACION’s murder case.


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