Theresa May dances with school Children in South Africa on her Official Visit to Africa

In a bid to boost ties with the United Kingdom, post-Brexit.British Prime Minister Theresa May danced with school children in Cape Town, South Africa, on Day 1 of her first official visit to Africa.

Wearing a red blazer, the UK PM was seen swaying away as the kids sang and danced. While people were happy that she joined the little kids, they couldn’t stop highlighting that her stiffness resembled the dance like a robot.

One onlooker described the 61-year-old Tory leader as “moving side to side” and “bobbing up and down” as she was greeted at a school by a group of pupils performing energetically.

The PM used her visit to announce a scheme to boost foreign students’ education would be opened up to 100 more of “Africa’s brightest young people”.

I’d like to think that some of you when you get older if you’re thinking of going to university that you might think of coming to one of our great universities in the UK.”

May said the UK government is committed to sending aid to the continent, adding that the funds will be used in a way that will also benefit the UK

“I am unashamed about the need to ensure that our aid program works for the UK Today I am committing that our development spending will not only combat extreme poverty, but at the same time tackle global challenges and support our own national interest,”


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