New Mum Cardi B Wants $300k to Get Back Onstage – Report

Cardi wants $300k to get back onstage, and it’s gonna be on her terms — no discounts. Fact is … we’re told she’s getting offers in the $500k range, so she won’t be hurting for work.

Cardi B performed for the first time after delivery last weekend at the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour in NYC.

Cardi shocked the world last weekend when she performed at the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour in NYC. It’s unclear if the promoter dropped Cardi’s commanding fee for that show. Her camp ain’t saying.

But, what’s clear is that fans were left salivating after she dropped her bars from “Motorsport” as she rocked a sultry leather getup with heels and long pink hair.

No small club gigs ’cause the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is all grown up — and the market agrees. She commanded $100k a show at Coachella in April while she was pregnant … and with her popularity rising, so has her paycheck. She’s recently fielded multiple offers but it’s unclear if and when she’ll pull the trigger on any of them.”Cardi B said.


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