Ken Wharfe blames Prince Harry for not protecting Thomas Markle from the manipulative ways of the press

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle had missed the Royal Wedding and has been various interviews blasting his daughter and prince Hary , alongside staged photo ops that he was allegedly paid for.

Ken Wharfe retired Metropolitan Police inspector who was Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, has blamed Prince Harry and other officials working for the Royal family for not protecting Meghan Markle’s father from the manipulative ways of the press.

I think the palace were to blame not to reserve this issue at an early stage in this commitment or even in that relationship and choose how are we going to address this with her dad.

These are conventional society, separated from living in a remote land and all of a sudden their little girl’s wedding a prince. This was continually going to be an issue.”

No one’s taking care of him. They will twist his arm, there’ll be the offers cash, there’ll be the seeking after paparazzi, the attack and the negative revealing that we’ve seen.

Princess Diana?s ex-bodyguard points the finger at Prince Harry for not shielding his dad in-law from the manipulative methods for the press

“He’s not a unintelligent person. He’s experienced the plant himself, he realizes what squeeze interruption resembles. He has a drawbridge and a portcullis to hole up behind when they seek after him. Thomas Markle doesn’t.

Harry could have taken care of that. He may have prompted advised palace officials, perhaps he did, however he could have demanded that. He could well have done, however for reasons unknown it hasn’t happened.

I don’t figure we ought to expel her dad as somebody whose committed errors here, as a monstrosity. His conduct are because of misinformation or no guidance.

Wharfe anyway demands that the Harry ought to have had helps dispateched to help his dad in-law to adapt to media consideration encompassing the illustrious wedding.


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