“Dreams die here In Nigeria” Yul Edochie explain Reasons

The son to veteran actor pete Edochie, politician and actor Yul Edochie said that dreams die in Nigeria and he has shared the story of a friend of his to buttress his point.

My friend hustled as a practicing medical doctor for over 10yrs in Nigeria with nothing much to show for it.

He left Nigeria last yr to practice abroad, came back one yr after, got married, boughts lands, building his house and happy.

Dreams die here— We can’t continue like this

The ace actor who also said that he is not under pressure to surpass the achievements of his father who is considered as one of the heavyweights in the Nigerian movie industry.

He further revealed that his father did not initially like the fact that he ventured into politics till explained to him that youths need to embrace politics in order to change the society.

“My father does not like politics. He did not really like the idea of me venturing into politics but I made him realise that if we are all shying away from politics, who is going to save this country? So he just had to give me his support because everybody has been shying away from politics for too long and that is why Nigeria is the way it is. I would say that he is supporting me all the way,” the actor said.

He said; “It is not my plan to fill my father’s shoes; I have just set out to play my part in the society. I am not under any pressure to surpass my father’s achievements in the movie industry. I am just here, being myself. I have always loved acting and mimicking people. At a very early age, it was obvious that I was also going to become an actor. I was named after an actor called Yul Brynner. However, I am not under any pressure to surpass my father.”


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