Chile Culture Minister Mauricio Rojas resigns For Criticizing Memory Museum

The Chile’s newly appointed Minister of Cultures, Arts, and Patrimony,Mauricio Rojas has resigned barely four days in office.

The President, Sebastian Pinera has accepted the resignation after facing heavy criticism after a series of negative comments he made about the country’s “Museo de la Memoria”.

Rojas controversial comments were published In a book in 2015 saying, the museum “a montage which purpose, undoubtedly achieved, is to shock the spectator, leave him astonished, to prevent him from reasoning.” Adding that the museum represents a “shameless and liar use of a national tragedy that touched so many of us so hard and directly.”

In an interview with CNN, in 2016, Rojas restated his comments about the Museum of Memory saying, “that is something done so that people do not think, to stun you. There is no explanation on how we get to where we arrived,” adding that it is a “museum on the left-wing, to tell a false version of the history of Chile.”

The president said in the resignation letter “We don’t share his opinions and comments with respect to the mission of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, which preserves the testimony, evidence and what was learned during a very dark period in our country,”

Francisco Estevez, executive director of the Memory Museum said “This Museum fulfills a public responsibility, which must be supported by the government, by the Congress and by the country as a whole; and that is what we are doing, fulfilling the mandate of the Truth Commissions to guarantee the “Never Again,”


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