Video of Moving PMS Tanker in Maryland Lagos Road dripping Fuel

A video slanting via social media features a tanker with the NNPC logo driving past the Maryland, Lagos underpass, dribbling fuel.

The backside of the tanker was seen dribbling fuel with a child on board attempting to obstruct it with a cloth. Obviously, the kid was just wasting his time.

In all actuality, we should keep on demanding security of lives and properties from the general population we have gotten that activity to through voting, and we should not neglect to have our impact as citizens.

A citizen is driving that truck, potentially two more next to him/her. What’s more, somebody is putting his life and those of other Road user  in danger by putting cloth against a spilling oil tank!

We need to improve the situation. Try not to support or execute indiscipline or irresponsiblity of any sort.

Guest what falz was right with his song title ThisisNaija any thing can happen. come 2019 let vote wisely.God bless Nigeria

leakage  tank through Maryland tunnel.

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