Offa Bank Robbery: Police Invite Saraki,as Nigerians react Political Game

Nigeria Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris on Monday invite the Senate President, Bukola Saraki to appear at the office of Intelligence Response Team (IRT) office in Abuja, over the robbery incident that took place in Offa, Kwara State, in April 2018.

The letter of invitation dated Monday, July 23, was personally signed by the Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris.

The Police Boss referred to a letter from the police dated June 4, 2018, as well as a letter of response from the Senate President dated June 7, 2018, on the deadly attack of April 5, 2018, in Offa.

He recalled that the Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) had launched an investigation into the incident which claimed 31 lives, including nine police officers and pregnant women while the suspects made away with some AK 47 rifles.

“During the investigation’of the Armed Robbery by the Intelligence Response Team, a CCTV footage of the Armed Robbery in one of the banks, captured the image of two persons. The CCTV footage was circulated on the social media and this led to their identification as Kunle Ogunleye and Micheal Adikwu. The two persons were tracked and arrested by the Police and they made very useful statements and named the five gang leaders who organized the Armed Robbery.

“Some of the five gang leaders made confessional statements admitting their participation in this worst Armed Robbery in the history of Nigeria and that they are political thugs under the name, Youth Liberation Movement aka ‘Good boys’ allegedly sponsored by you and that you have given them firearms, money and vehicles. It was equally discovered that one of the vehicles, a Lexus Jeep, used by the gang leader (Ayoade Akinnibosun) has a sticker plate number “‘SARAKI’ Kwara State of Harmony.

“The Lexus Jeep was parked in the Government House after the arrest of Ayoade Akinnibosun and in order to conceal evidence, the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Kwara State, arranged for the removal of the sticker plate number “SARAKI Kwara State of Harmony” from the Lexus jeep and quickly registered it in the name of the suspect, six days after the suspect has been arrested by the Police.

“Specifically Mr Ayoade Akinnibosun ‘m’ 27 Years in his Confessional Statement stated that “members of his group are Political Thugs working for Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor of Kwara State”. That he is the head of the Political Thugs named Youths Liberation Movement covering about seven (7) Local Governments Areas of Kwara South.

“That he gets vehicle and monetary gifts etc from Senator Bukola Saraki through the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Kwara State; that the last money he got directly from Senator Bukola Saraki was Five Hundred Thousand (N500,000) Naira.

“He made mention of some other thugs in Kwara Central with guns which Senator Bukola Saraki is sponsoring as Alhaji Alawo, Alhaji Dona, Alhaji Jawando among others, that Senator Bukola Saraki supplies the armsand vehicles to the thugs; that everyone in Kwara Central fear them because of their guns and ability to kill anybody without hesitation”.

“Furthermore the suspect Ayoade Akinm’bosun stated that the date you Senator Saraki visited Offa in sympathy with the victims to the Palace of the Oba, that he and two other gang members were with you in the convoy.

“In your response to the above allegations, you stated “ by virtue of my participation in politics, I have a large followership which makes it impossible for me to know all of them. I can say categorically that I am in no way associated with the vehicle mentioned in your letter nor have I given any arms to any thug or other persons in kwara State or anywhere else. For the records, your letter under reference did not include the full text of the statements made by the accused persons.

“After a careful perusal of your letter to the Police, it was discovered that the statement requires further clarification and coupled with the fact that you stated that the full text of the statements of the suspects were not shown to you, it is imperative you report to the Police to make further statements after giving you the full text of the statements of the suspects.

“It is in line with the above that you are requested to report to the head of the Investigation Team at the Intelligence Response Team at Guzape Junction, Asokoro Extension Abuja on 24th of July, 2018 at 8am for further investigation on the matter.”

Senator Saraki and Governor Ahmed have since denied any involvement in the attack or sponsoring any political thug.

The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, has reacted to the invitation extended to him by the police over the Offa bank robbery.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Yusuph Olaniyonu on Monday, he described the invite as a mere afterthought designed to achieve a political purpose.

“The police have obviously corrupted and politicised their investigations into the Offa robbery incident,” he alleged shortly after the news of his invitation broke.

“They have turned it into an instrument for the party in power to suppress perceived opponents, witch-hunt issue for blackmailing people from freely choosing which platform on which they want to pursue their ambition, and a matter for harassing the people whose exit from APC would harm the chances of the party in the forthcoming elections.”

The Senate President noted that the police had already decided on the suspects to arraign in court in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Wednesday, based on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mohammed Etsu.

He claimed that the police decision to invite him was an alleged ploy aimed at scoring cheap political points and to stop an alleged plan by some senators and members of the House of Representatives from defecting from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Senator Saraki, however, insisted that he would not be intimidated by anyone and that he has nothing to do with the Offa robbery.

“While I continue to maintain that the issue of my position on the 2019 elections is not a personal decision for me alone to make, it should be noted that all these concoctions and evil plot cannot deter me. Those behind this fresh assault will fail as I have nothing to do with the robbery incident or any criminal matter for that matter,” he said.

The Senate President stressed further, “I want to make it apparent that I have no hand in either the robbery incident or any criminal activity. The police in their haste to embarrass me sent the invitation to me at 8:00 pm and requested that I report to the station by 8:00 am tomorrow morning. This obviously demonstrated their desperation as I do not see why they are now in a hurry.

“They also stated in today’s letter that because in my response of June 7, 2018, to their own letter written on June 4, 2018, I stated that I was responding simply to the contents of the letter and that the full text of the statement made by the arrested suspects which they claimed indicted me was not made available to me, they were now including the suspects statements in the current letter. Yet, instead of including the suspects’ statements, they only attached two copies of my own letter to the invitation. No suspects statement was made available.”

“Once again, my confidence in God and our judicial system remains intact and unshaken. The truth shall also prevail in this case,”

Nigerians speak on IGP Idris’s fresh invitation to Saraki

@Victormichael7 “This is another plot to bring Saraki down, after their trial at the Tribunal failed, they have embarked on another one, it will also fail. Shame on you.”

@Oriaku_1 “The Gutter politics being played in this country. Imagine bullying a whole Senate president into submission using cheap blackmail tactics.The desperation for power in 2019 is real, now more than ever I fear for the fate of the nation in the coming elections.”

@Akaharaofficial “His meeting with President Buhari didn’t go well. He still wants to leave the ruling rock and roll party. So they want to shake him a bit.”

@Nosavoks “Hmm Buhari and shameless IGP , after the court gave Saraki victory and then he held meeting with PDP last week they decided to plot another new one hmmm Buhari 4 years was a waste-less fighting opponent and still he don’t win they time you should spend to fight corruption and bring change just wasting it for nothing

@Neyoiyo “I can’t tell @bukolasaraki is bent on leaving APC now they need something to nail and disqualify him from contesting in next election. Continue your drama. We dey enjoy and watch.”

@Omobalooski “Shame on PMB, world worst dictator. So as Saraki didn’t fall for his beggings and oil bloc promise, he has resulted to his hatchet man to do the dirty job on Saraki? Well, as they failed in CCT, they will fail here too. APC will be gone with the wind.”

@B.e.ko147 “IGP AND BUHARI ARE FO*LISH. Because Saraki has decided to do away with APC, the Police now deem it fit to reopen a case that they publicly asked him to write a letter to them After their initial summon, now you want to summon the man again, Talk about politics of bitterness. Impeach the Cattle Rearer of a president and see %80 of Nigerians Happy like we won the WORLD CUP.”

@Folacita “So because Saraki is looking positive for 2019, you want to paralyse his ambition. Buhari ! if you are sure of yourself, leave Saraki and let him run if this game won’t get messy for you. LOL! Baba 80 no wan take chances.”

@Jemimma_stephens “What is all this nonsense? People are being killed every other day all over the country by so-called bandits with different titles with no reprieve but they have 30,000 policemen to monitor elections and they have policemen to investigate the no 3 Citizen in Nigeria for supposed armed robbery. Misplaced priorities.”

@Missmoremoney “PC are really trying ooo they want to distract this man so that he won’t tackle them during the presidential election.”

@Samchi4 “Beg APC. Saraki has rejected you and he wants to go home. king pharaoh let him go before the plague hit you.”

@Nkayrave “All this one (invitation) is because he wants to defect,they only remember this case when he wants to leave them.”

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