Kemi Adeosun’s alleged forged NYSC discharge certificate Premium Times points out discrepancies with another obtained in July of 2009

The following is a report by Premiumtimes, contrasting the alleged forged NYSC discharge certificate of Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun and another that was optained in July of 2009, two months before Adeosun was issued hers in September 2009. Read some portion of the report beneath

A Certificate of Exemption issued in July 2009, two months before Mrs Adeosun obtained her own, was obtained by PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday.

A cursory look at the certificate reveals a document that is completely different from what the minister presented for her appointment in late 2015.

On a close look at the two documents, PREMIUM TIMES identified about ten differences that stand out the fake from the original.

Some of the discrepancies identified corroborated the verdicts passed by NYSC officials as reported earlier.

The fake NYSC exemption certificate alongside an original exemption certificate issued the same year highlighting several discrepancies.

The serial number placed at the top right-hand side of the certificate, appear different. The font characters are different, so also are their placements, with the one on the fake one farther away from the edges.

The fake NYSC exemption certificate alongside an original exemption certificate issued the same year.

The numbering sequence also suggest that the fake certificate has doctored numbering. The original is numbered 000131816 (one hundred and thirty one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen) while the numbers in the doctored one, instead of going up, comparable to the period between the two dates of issue, nosedived to 000048932 (Forty eight thousand, nine hundred and thirty two).

The fourth difference comes in the line reading “Certificate of Exemption” while the wordings are bold in the certificate issued in July, in Mrs Adeosun’s that was issued in September, the characters were not emboldened.

Additionally, the “T” beginning the line; “This is to certify” was in bold in the original while the fake certificate carried it in plain style.

Point six: The original line has “of” written in between the space separating day and month, while the fake one was just a straight line without the “of” separator.

Another difference is in the calligraphy which markedly differ between the two. Calligraphy discrepancy is one of the areas staff of NYSC pointed out to PREMIUM TIMES in the course of determining the veracity of Mrs Adeosun’s ‘certificate’.

Eighth: The writings below the name quoting relevant sections of the NYSC Act to justify the exemption are spaced in the fake certificate while in the original they are without any space.

Most importantly, however, the certificate issued in July was signed by Maharazu Tsiga, the then director general while the purported certificate of Mrs Adeosun, allegedly issued in September, carries the signature of Yusuf Bomoi, who left the agency in January.

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