With the era of social media , influence is something you don’t need to get a degree in school for before getting it.

A lot of people are well known globally through the help of social media, there are people today who never dreamt of seeing themselves with successful men as easy as possible but through social media that bridge has been crossed severally.

Impacting lives do not need you to go for pastoral academy or you holding the microphone before you can impact lives positively, social media has made it easy so that right in your room lives can be impacted through you.

A lot of people send me messages and comments on my articles about how they have been transformed, one of them told me that this series really opened his eyes to certain things he didn’t take note of before.

I didn’t go to anywhere to do that, I just stayed in my room and wrote those articles and thousands of people are been impacted through me on social media.

Money has become something easier to get than before through social media, before now you need to get a job and wait till the end of the month to get your salary but now you can make money through social media platforms daily, weekly, monthly and annually depending on you and the strategies you are exposed to

Now I must tell you that getting influence, impact and wealth using social media is not automatic, no be MMM or ponzi scheme. So please I am not teaching you fast way to get money online rather I am showing you how to be a solution provider using social media as a platform.

Yesterday we looked at the first step to take in maximizing social media for influence, impact and wealth which was knowing who you are (your purpose,passion and gifts).

Your knowledge of who you are, your purpose (the reason you were born), your passion (what you love to do) and your gifts (your natural abilities) are the first step you need before you can maximize social media for influence, impact and wealth.

What do you have as a solution that can bring help and deliverance to those who you are created to be a solution to, if you don’t know this then you will find it hard to build influence, impact and wealth.
will be talking about the next step to follow which is

2. Carve a niche from who you are(purpose, passion, gifts, knowledge and experience):

When I started my journey into maximizing social media last year, I can tell you that I made a lot of mistakes which I am still learning from.

I didn’t understand that this second step was what I needed to do next after knowing my purpose, passion and gifts.

I was always talking about everything on social media from religion to motivation to entertainment, sports, business and my social media handles became Jack of all trade until I got coaching on how to craft my niche from my purpose, passion and gifts.

Now I know most of us don’t know what a niche means, so I will give us a brief definition of what a niche means.

A niche simply means a need certain category of people are in wants solution to which you are passionate and gifted to solve.

A niche is a market where needs,pains, hurts and problems of people are filled up with so your assignment is to craft a message and solution that can meet those needs, pains, hurts and problems.

Many people think its just about posting anything on social media but they don’t understand that for you to command influence, impact and wealth using social media then you must have a niche (needs, pains, hurts and problems) that you are passionate, gifted, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable to solve or else just forget influence, impact and wealth using social media as a platform.

A lot of people think making money online is automatic and like MMM, to be frank with you if you don’t come to social media to solve problems then you will be wasting your time buying subscription and getting more broke.

So identify your message and solution that can address the needs of people,needs you are passionate, gifted and skilled to solve.

The reason why I am saying needs you are passionate, gifted and skilled to solve is because on social media there are people with different needs which demands solution but everyone’s need is not meant for you to solve, you are meant to solve problems that you are capable (your gifts,passion, skills and experience) to handle.

For instance, there are a lot of singles having issues on relationship matters who needs help to make their relationship work, if you are not passionate about relationship and marriage, if you don’t have gifting in that area, if you are not skilled in offering solutions to singles on relationship matters and if you don’t have any experience that can help them out of relationship mess then why try to do what you are not designed to do.

Find what you are designed to solve in the lives of the people you are sent to on earth so that you won’t struggle commanding influence, impact and wealth.

Tomorrow I will be talking about knowing who you are sent to, you are not sent to solve everybody’s needs and problems so join me tomorrow to find out how to identify who you are sent to.

.If you have questions you can ask in the comment section below.

P:S. I help you discover your passion and teach you strategies on how turn your passion into a message of impact and profit.

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