Ex- Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo talk about battle with ‘Migraine for 10-years

Nigerian Born lawyer and ex- beauty queen, Ezinne Akudo has opened up on her fight with Migraine for very nearly 10 years.

As indicated by her, ‘does any other person endure migraines the way I do? I’m discussing the sort of cerebral pain that influences you to hurl and keeps you in bed for no less than 2 days. Painkillers don’t work for me any longer lol. Some days I can’t rest without ice or a chilly towel on my forehead’.

She goes ahead to state, ‘direct daylight, any bright light, uproarious sound, tight wig, the smell of coffee and sometimes stress trigger mine but mostly light. I can’t even look at a computer screen without my glasses (I’m not short or since quite a while ago located) and you can’t get me anyplace outside without sun shades. If not! Now and again when I have a migraine and it’s evening time, I should drive with sun shades on in light of the fact that a few Nigerians don’t comprehend what full headlights are for. I hear there’s no cure for migraines and it’s fundamentally overseen by way of life. Anyway…What triggers yours? What’s more, what way of life causes you oversee it? I’m worn out. Very nearly 10 years now’.


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