Donald Trump & Melania meet Queen Elizabeth II AS Trump Quickly Forgets Her Majesty’s Advice

US President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania on Friday met Queen Elizabeth II.

Before President Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, British hostile to Trump nonconformists cautioned it would not turn out well. Since the meeting is over, they’re count the ways POTUS “offended” their dearest monarch.

The president and First Lady Melania Trump greeted Her Majesty with a handshake, conduct the BBC says is flawlessly worthy. We’re ready to get it done, baby!

The Queen chatted with the Trumps as planes were heard overhead. The trio watched as the Coldstream Guards marched past the dais in perfect formation and the military band played before they entered the Sovereign’s Entrance of Windsor Castle for tea precisely 10 minutes after their arrival.

The queen escorted Trump to inspect the Guard of Honour. Now, Trump by one means or another lost all sense of direction in the middle of two columns of royal guards, and Her Majesty had to remind the American head of state about the mechanics of bipedal motion. With a little help, he soon figured it out.

The jetlagged Trump at that point remove the queen, much like a New York City vacationer may stop suddenly amidst the walkway to counsel the curiosity outline got at M&M’S World in Times Square.

The BBC clarifies that you should never “play Judas on Her Majesty” as “it is considered as impolite.”In Trump’s defense, he merely accelerated past the queen and made her walk around his big American keister. There was no turning. Looks like the president is in the clear.

The queen is famously reticent, so we may never hear her thoughts regarding the president’s lack of decorum. Until she releases an official statement, we should all just assume that the J in Donald J. Trump stands for “Jeepers, that’s a butt-load of decorum.”



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