Cristiano Ronaldo Medical results show he is As Fit As a 20-year-old

Following Cristiano Ronaldo £100million switch from Real Madrid to Juventus , medical staff in Turin found that he actually has the physical traits of a 20-year-old

Juventus’ most expensive player Cristiano Ronaldo has shown that, age for him is just a mere number, and is as fit as a 20-year old footballer. Ronaldo is 33-years old.

The medical showed that the 33-year-old has a body fat of 7 per cent which is three percent lower than an average professional and that he has a muscle mass of 50 per cent, four per cent more than an average professional.

Ronaldo had claimed that biologically he was 23-years-old, which meant he could continue at the highest level with a similar intensity for more than a few years. “I’ve still got a long time left, I can keep playing until I’m 41.

I’m feeling good, happy, I can’t complain,” the 33-year old had said.

The superstar forward was also recorded with a top speed of 21.1 mph at the World Cup, something he replicated during the medical as well. The Portuguese captain was the fastest player at the tournament. His fastest speed in 2017 was 20.66 mph, scarily meaning that Ronaldo could actually be getting better.


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